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Funden is an AI-powered toolkit that makes fundraising quick and easy.

Let us introduce you to more than 200+ in-network VCs that are actively investing in startups just like yours or use Funden to get automatic investor suggestions and outreach.

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Hundreds of global VCs, angel investors, family firms, and more.

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You're an intro away from raising your next round

Get intros to more than 200+ top-tier VCs directly from Funden.

Get warm email intros to VCs that actively source deals from Funden.

Intros are proven to be 10x more effective than cold outreach.

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Funden AI - AI powered investor lists

Fundraising at the speed of AI

Create your startup profile and Funden AI will automatically create a list of investors actively investing in startups just like yours.

Search & filter over 30,000+ global investors and VC firms.

Each investor profile has validated email, social media profiles, industries invested in, investment thesis, and more.

Browse with confidence

Funden uses your startup's details to personalize your investor search experience. See the relevance score on each investor profile.

Make your outreach more effective by focusing on investor's that are relevant to your company.

Save time by validating investors directly in Funden.

Browse investors with confidence score
Web Browser Manage your investors with Funden's CRM

Investor Relationship Manager

Keep track of who you've talked to and where they are in your fundraising pipeline all from Funden.

Add a status to every investor or VC firm in your pipeline.

Add notes to keep track of follow-ups, meetings, etc.

1-Click Personalized Emails

Use Funden's proven, pre-written mail templates to reach out to investors. Names, companies, markets and more are pre-filled ensuring you can send personalized emails in just one click.

Automatically send custom emails with personalized content.

Proven cold outreach email templates pre-loaded on your account.

Send Custom, automatic emails with 1-click

Funden at a glance

Fundraising has never been this easy.

Email Intros to VCs

Get connected to Funden's global network of more than 200 VC firms. Our network is growing every day.

30,000+ Investor Profiles

Detailed information about more than 30,000 investors and 8,000 VC firms. Each with emails, social media profiles, investment thesis, industries, and more.

Funden AI

Eliminate the guesswork and find the right investors for your startup in minutes, not hours.

1-Click Email Templates

Forget about copy and paste and ten tabs open. Send personalized emails from Funden with one click.

CRM Built-In

Manage your investor pipeline and keep track of your fundraising progress all from Funden.

Export to CSV

Fan of Google Sheets? Export your contact lists to CSV and embed them in your existing outreach process.

14-day money back guarantee, cancel anytime.

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Giulia Vilone from Piccabi loves Funden
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More than 1,000 Founders love Funden.

Thanks to Funden, we got access to a precious list of high-quality investors. We contacted them using Funden's email templates and succeeded in organising our first pitch call within a couple of weeks. Just the task of finding the investors' contact would have taken us several weeks, if not months. The resulting list wouldn't have been even close to Funden's one for variety and accuracy. Funden really saved us a lot of time, which is the most precious asset we have.
We can't recommend it highly enough.
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Giulia Vilone
Founder & CEO


Save up to 50%!
Lite $ 179 / month
30,000+ Investor Profiles
8,000+ VC Firm Profiles
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Funden AI
Investor's Emails
Investor's Social Profiles
Investor CRM
Outreach Email Templates
CSV Exports
Pitch Deck Review
Warm Investor Intros
Pro $ 249 / month

Everything in Funden Lite

Pitch Deck Review
5 Investor Intros per Month
Fundraising Consultation
Assisted Fundraising

Everything in Funden Lite

Pitch Deck Review
Unlimited Intros to 200+ VCs
Investor Outreach Strategy
Dedicated Fundraising Consultant
Bi-weekly Office hours
Need a custom plan?

Custom plans include pitch deck creation, revenue modeling, outreach management, consulting & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What stages do the VC firms invest in?

The investors and VC firms listed invest in all stages and startup sizes from idea to Series B and beyond. Sign up for Funden Basic to search through the database.

Can I send mass emails through Funden?

While Funden provides you with direct investor email addresses, we don't support (and don't advise) sending mass emails. You should thoroughly research the investors you'd like to approach and write them thoughtful, targeted emails.

Do I need to download an App?

No. Funden works from desktop and mobile, without the need for any downloads. All you need to do is bookmark the link so you can easily access it.

Does Funden guarantee that I'm going to receive funding?

Regretfully, not. Funden is a set of tools to help you fundraise quicker and easier. We are not an investor marketplace and whether you raise funding or not will depend entirely on you.

What is the cancellation policy?

Unless you are on an Assisted Fundraising plan, you can cancel your Funden subscription at any time. Cancellation is effective at the end of your current Funden subscription period. If you are not happy with Funden, you can request a refund within 14-days from the start of your subscription - no questions asked.

What does "Assisted Fundraising" mean?

The founding team at Funden has raised in excess of $40M in VC funding throughout their career. Funden Enterprise plans include hands-on assistance on your fundraising campaign. We can assist you with your pitch deck, investment collateral, outreach, intros and more. Please get in touch to learn more.

Why do you need my credit card for a free trial?

We ask for your payment information to provide a seamless subscription experience. You can cancel your subscription anytime before your Funden trial ends to avoid any payment.

What is the difference between Funden Lite/Pro and Assisted Fundraising?

Funden Lite & Pro are paid subscription services that provide access to a powerful set of tools to optimize your fundraising. Funden's Assisted Fundraising plans are built for founders who don't have the time to manage every aspect of a fundraise. The Funden team will create and implement a custom fundraising plan for your company that includes strategy sessions, contact list generation, unlimited warm intros, progress management, and more.